CSEB police action, main accused arrested in Kohadia murder case regarding Ganesh immersion.

The sharp knife used in the incident was seized from the accused. The accused was caught within 24 hours of the incident, after legal proceedings he was admitted to the district jail today. Prompt action by Korba Police.

KORBA – On 28.09.2023, a report was lodged by the applicant Rajkumar Rao, father Dujram Rao, age 43 years, Barpara Kohadia Chowki CSEB police station, Civil Line, Rampur, District Korba (Chhattisgarh) that Ganesh ji had been seated in his locality on Ganesh Chaturthi.For immersion on 28.09.2023, all the people of the locality were taking the Kohadia Filter Plant canal along with musical instruments and reached in front of the school of Piparpara Kohadia at around 06:00 in the evening. At the same time, people of Dhodhipara Bhaishkhatal locality were also taking Ganesh immersion. were going to do.

And one of the boys was uprooting the trees and plants growing in the middle of the divider of the main road, when Bhupendra Gupta of the locality and Harish Rao, son of the applicant, stopped him, a fight broke out on the same issue. And a boy with a sharp knife first attacked Bhupendra Gupta’s neck with the intention of killing him and with the knife he fatally stabbed his son Harish Rao in the chest. Harish Rao, about 17 years old, died on the spot. died.On the report of the applicant, crime number 435/2023 section 302,307 has been registered in Chowki CSEB District Korba and taken under investigation and Bhupendra Gupta, injured by the incident, was admitted to the District Hospital Korba for treatment.

Considering the seriousness of the matter, information about the incident was immediately given to the senior officers, who under the direction of Superintendent of Police Uday Kiran, guidance of Additional Superintendent of Police Abhishek Verma and supervision of City Superintendent of Police Robinson Gudiya, Police Station Incharge Civil Line Rampur Inspector Mrityunjay Pandey and Outpost Incharge CSEB Sub Inspector Naveen Patel received instructions to take immediate, strict and effective action in the case and arrest the accused involved in the case.
In compliance with the instructions received from senior officers, under the able leadership of police station in-charge Civil Lines Rampur inspector Mrityunjay Pandey, outpost in-charge CSEB sub-inspector Naveen Patel, with the help of his subordinate staff, took prompt action and arrested the main accused Sudeep Chauhan alias Ramkripal, father of two, who caused the incident. Chauhan, age 19, Dhodhipara, Bhaisankhatal Chowki, CSEB District, Korba, has been detained and interrogated and admitted to have committed the crime. From whose possession 01 double-edged knife used in the incident was seized and after taking legal action, the accused was arrested in the case and today on 30.09.2023 he was produced before the Honorable Court on judicial remand and after a jail warrant was made, he was lodged in the District Jail Korba. .


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