103 liters of Mahua liquor seized by Manikpur police

On the instructions of Superintendent of Police Jitendra Shukla, under the guidance of Additional Superintendent of Police Abhishek Verma, City Superintendent of Police Bhushan Ekka and Police Station Incharge Kotwali Rupak Sharma and under the leadership of Outpost Incharge Manikpur Premchand Sahu, today on 16/10/2023, 103 liters of illegal raw Mahua liquor. Success has been achieved in seizing it.

On the basis of informer information, on the morning of 16/10/2023, Wednesday, resident of Dhelwadih, Oraon, father, Nanki Dau Oraon, aged 50 years, 103 liters of raw Mahua liquor was seized and a crime was registered against the accused under 34(2) Excise Act and the accused was sent to judicial custody. Has been sent on remand.

117 Smita Beck, 442 Ashok Patle, 263 Sanjay Ratre, 747 Pradeep, 134 Sandeep Singh had special contribution in the said proceedings.


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