BALCO Conducts “Suraksha Mahakumbh” − A 3-Day Safety Excellence Workshop

Balconagar; 4th November 2023: Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO), India’s iconic aluminium producer, recently concluded a mega safety awareness workshop – ‘Suraksha Mahakumbh’, reinforcing the company’s commitment to bolstering safety and security within the organization. The 3-day workshop drew the active participation of over 3000 employees and business partners. With laser-sharp focus on creating a ‘safety-first’ culture, BALCO has been upholding the highest safety protocols, educating its employees, business partners and nearby communities to bolster safety quotient in the areas where it operates.

Suraksha Mahakumbh engaged employees and business partners working at the shop floors, security team, and various other departments of the organization. One of the most acclaimed aspects of the event was ‘Chetna Rules’, which focused on multiple fundamental safety tips. Through such workshops, the company aims at nurturing a safety culture rooted in coaching, counselling, monitoring, and providing immediate feedback.

The event also felicitated the outstanding contributions of 35 exceptional individuals towards safety and security who were recognized as ‘Suraksha Mahanayaks’ (Safety Heroes). These individuals were recognized for their unwavering commitment to championing safety awareness within their respective departments, motivating others to prioritize safety in the workplace.

Talking about the Suraksha Mahakumbh, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, CEO and Director, BALCO said, “At BALCO, safety of our people is of utmost importance to us, and we rank it as a non-negotiable parameter of our operational excellence. From comprehensive safety training to offering cutting-edge technical solutions, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of safety at our operations and beyond. The Suraksha Mahakumbh event reaffirms this unwavering commitment and aims at inculcating a safety-first mindset to motivate employees to bring in a constructive transformation around the workplace.”

In addition to its plant premises, the event was also organized for employees working at the Coal Mines in Chotia, Chhattisgarh, drawing participation of more than 100 employees and business partners. During this workshop, attendees received training on pertinent safety guidelines tailored to their roles in coal mining and management.

BALCO actively sensitizes employees, their families and local communities through several safety training workshops including defensive driving courses, fire safety sessions, road safety awareness programs, and the establishment of retro-reflective safety signboards. The company also observes National Road Safety Month every year by organizing a series of safety-focused programs to raise awareness among its employees and community members.

To build a robust safety culture, the company incorporates several cutting-edge technologies, such as:
• Augmented and Virtual Reality Training Centre, Video Analytics, Sustainability Mobile App, E-learning courses, and Digitalization of Workforce Connectivity to enhance leading indicators in safety practices.
• Centralized Security Operations Centre (CSOC) leveraging digital intelligence and data insights for better decision-making in security, traffic & road safety, and supply chain security functions.
• Real-time data monitoring, facilitating end-to-end digital dashboards, including projects like the Hot Spot Detection System at coal yard, using thermal inspection to ensure strict safety.
• LED Logo Projectors on the shop floors for better safety messaging in high-traffic areas.

In recognition of its safety-first commitment, BALCO has received several notable awards, including the National Safety Awards (Mines), a Platinum Award in the 5th CII National Safety Practices Competition, and the Global Road Safety Award.

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