Action of Manikpur police, robbery accused arrested within 24 hours

Applicant Shubham Patel’s father Shivram Patel came to the outpost and submitted a written application and filed a first information letter that on 28.06.2023 around 11.00 pm, he had gone to Ghantaghar Thele to get milk from his motor cycle.

There Ranjha Kansari and Sonu Arkel, both residents of Subhash Block Nursery Mohalla were found, who said that we do not have motor cycles.
Please help us and drop us near Mudapar helipad. When he said to help him, he took him on his motor cycle and took him to Mudapar, who told him to drop him near the building near the cemetery. but took At first Satish Bela and Ram Sahu were drinking there, as soon as he reached there, Sonu Arkel, Ranjha Kansari, Satish Bela and Ram Sahu all together showed fear of beating him.
A black colored Levis company purse from him and cash amount of Rs.8,300 inside it, original copy of Aadhaar card, 02. Realme also Narji 58 A prime Android mobile phone with Jio company’s SIM-8959382593 and SIM number-7441194468 felt
Worth Rs 8,000, 03. Silver bracelet worth Rs 3,500 approx, 04. Gold earring worth Rs 10,000 approx Rs 29,800 total value has been looted.
The applicant’s report crime number 406 / 2023 Section 392, 34 was registered and taken in the deliberation proceedings. Taking cognizance of the seriousness of the episode, Superintendent of Police Korba Uday Kiran directed to take immediate action.
Under the guidance of senior officers, under the efficient guidance of Inspector Roopak Sharma Police Station Kotwali, under the leadership of outpost in-charge Manikpur Premchand Sahu, the detection of the unknown accused was started.
Meanwhile, outpost in-charge Manikpur Premchand Sahu has received information from the informer that the robbers accused Sonu Arkel, Ranjha Kansari, Satish Bela and Ram Sahu are hiding in the bushes behind the hospital colony of Mudapar.To catch whom a team was prepared and caught in Mudapar, who were misled at first after being interrogated separately, who broke down when the police team interrogated Hikmat Amli.
And due to the evidence of commission of crime of Section Sadar against the accused after recovering the looted Mashruka, they are being duly arrested in Section Sadar and sent to judicial custody.

Outpost in-charge Manikpur Premchand Sahu, Awadhesh Yadav, constables Sanjay Ratre, Sandeep Singh, Pradeep Rathore, Ashok Patle, Krishna Patel played an important role in the above proceedings.



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