BALCO Commemorates National Road Safety Month Within its Operations and Communities

Organizes a month-long campaign with a range of activities promoting road safety measures.

Balconagar, February 17, 2024: Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO), India’s iconic aluminium producer and a subsidiary of Vedanta Aluminium, commemorated the 35th anniversary of National Road Safety Month by organizing a month-long campaign around the theme ‘Be a Road Safety Hero’. The campaign aimed at promoting road safety measures among people in the plant operations and also within BALCO’s neighboring communities, thereby creating a safe environment for all road users. Observed between January 15 and February 14, the campaign witnessed enthusiastic participation from over 8000 individuals, who were encouraged through impactful awareness activities to embrace their roles as champions of road safety.

During the campaign, BALCO conducted an array of activities among its team members, their families, and business partners. These included quizzes, rallies, drawing and slogan competitions designed to build awareness around safe driving and road practices. The company also organized informative skits and emergency drills to communicate the importance of road safety measures. Innovative competitions, such as identifying the best parking and driving practices, were also conducted. Beyond its operations, the company also conducted insightful safety talks and quizzes in nearby schools, helping foster a culture of awareness and responsibility among students.
As part of the campaign, BALCO also organized eye check-ups and comprehensive health check-up camps for more than 400 drivers within its plant, who frequently operate heavy vehicles for transporting materials and finished goods. Additionally, surprise vehicle inspections were conducted across the plant premises to reinforce road safety practices. Efforts were also made to identify and rectify potential blind spots within the plant, further enhancing safety protocols.

BALCO also launched a dedicated helpline number in collaboration with BALCO Police, demonstrating its commitment to ensure seamless traffic management in its operational vicinity. This facility, supported by a team of 20 security personnel will quickly respond to any traffic-related concerns. Furthermore, the company established parking facilities capable of accommodating over 270 heavy vehicles transporting raw materials and finished products.

Speaking on the importance of road safety, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, CEO and Director, BALCO, said, “BALCO is deeply committed to fostering a culture of safety, both within our organization and beyond. Our month-long campaign on road safety aims at empowering road users with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to navigate roads safely. Through continuous awareness and educational initiatives on safety, we strive to instill a culture of responsibility and respect among all, creating a safe environment within our plant and communities.”

Towards building a robust safety culture, the company has incorporated several cutting-edge technologies within its operations, including:
• T-Pulse Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) Monitoring System for ensuring the fulfilment of crucial safety protocols, through a network of AI-based cameras to track ongoing activity inside the plant in real time.
• Augmented and Virtual Reality Training Centre, Video Analytics, a Sustainability Mobile App, E-learning courses, and Digitalization of Workforce Connectivity to enhance leading indicators in safety practices.
• Centralized Security Operations Centre (CSOC) for leveraging digital intelligence and data insights towards better decision-making in security, traffic & road safety, and supply chain security functions.
• Real-time data monitoring, facilitating end-to-end digital dashboards, including projects like the Hot Spot Detection System which uses thermal inspection to ensure compliance to safety protocols.
• LED Logo projectors to illuminate safety signs on floors, ensuring clear and prominent display of safety messages even in low-light conditions, especially in areas with dust accumulation and high vehicular traffic.
• Integration of cutting-edge AI technology – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) – in internal vehicular operations to elevate road safety amid the driving conditions within the plant.

The company also sensitizes employees, their families, and local communities around the year through several safety training workshops including defensive driving courses, fire safety sessions, and deploying retro-reflective signboards for reiterating safety protocols. In recognition of its safety-first commitment, BALCO has received several notable awards, including the National Safety Awards (Mines), a Platinum Award in the 5th CII National Safety Practices Competition, and the Global Road Safety Award.

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