BALCO: Cultivating a Culture of Care

“18 years in BALCO, but never a dull day at work. It is as exciting as it was on my first day here.” quotes Mr. Krishna Shrivas who works in BALCO, India’s iconic aluminium producer and a part of Vedanta Aluminium. “I live here with my family where my wife is a home maker, and my children are getting quality education in Balconagar. It brings me peace to see them happy and satisfied with all the top amenities that they have access to in our township, while I work in the plant nearby”, he adds with a smile when asked about his family.

Similarly, Mr. Ramesh, who has been in BALCO for the last 18 years, adds, “We are provided with ample opportunities to develop our professional as well as our personal skills in this organization. Through comprehensive training programs we are encouraged to upskill ourselves regularly to keep pace with the current times.” On why he enjoys the work at BALCO, he adds, “The field trips and the optimized learning opportunities provide the employees with a very strong base to maximize their productivity in the workplace.”

Ms. Muskan Lakhani, who joined BALCO 2 years ago as a shift in-charge at the Central Security Operations Centre (CSOC) says, “As a woman in manufacturing, I feel immense pride in ensuring round-the-clock security for the iconic aluminium producer. BALCO puts great emphasis on security, both in terms of data protection and personal safety, ensuring a secure and supportive environment for all its employees, with the help of the latest technological advancements.”

Safety too is paramount in the day-to-day operations of BALCO. “The company takes a proactive approach to safety, with experienced personnel training sessions that cover everything from proper and safe usage of machinery to hazard identification and emergency procedures, with special focus on brining a bringing behavioral changes among the employees through robust safety culture transformation programs. They invest in the latest technology ensuring we have everything we need to perform our work safely and efficiently,” says Mr. Jagirathi Diwakar with a proud smile on his face. Mr. Diwakar is a technician at the company for more than 6 years now. He adds, “A lot of facilities at BALCO go beyond the paycheck which offer extensive benefits which include competitive wages, a generous time off and a well-designed healthcare plan for all the employees and their families.”

I joined 2 years ago to work on the shop floor and now I can handle all the technical functions of the process with ease,” expresses Mr. Rohit Kushwaha. BALCO’s inclusive workplace culture fosters a positive and cooperative environment, enabling employees to thrive. “There are endless learning opportunities which are supported by industry-leading people practices. The diverse workforce here provides invaluable insights and firsthand experiences, contributing to a dynamic and innovative work environment. BALCO is dedicated towards creating opportunities for all employees to explore their talents and maximize their potential, ensuring fulfilling work experience,” as he elaborates on the work culture and environment around him.

BALCO is committed towards safety and satisfaction of its employees, which is further demonstrated by its investment in the latest technology, ensuring the teams are equipped to perform their duties safely and efficiently. By prioritizing the well-being, satisfaction, safety and growth of the workforce of over 7,700 employees, BALCO has positioned itself for long-term success. BALCO has been awarded recognitions such as the Kincentric Best Employer Award, the Happiest Workplace Award and the Sustainable Factory of the year Award.

BALCO has multiple policies and schemes to cater to the needs of its employees. Some of them are:
• Parenthood Childcare Policy to help them with childhood development.
• Employees are motivated through reward and recognition programs on an active basis.
• Top notch medical facilities are available for everyone at BALCO Hospital along with insurance schemes and medical benefits.
• Living quarters, hostels and canteens with top grade amenities are provided to employees.
• Optimized training and safety programs are arranged for employees to increase productivity.
• Safety and PPE Kits are mandatory for everyone to ensure safety inside the plant.

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