BALCO Promotes Inclusivity on International Day of People with Disabilities

Balconagar; 6th December 2023: Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO), India’s iconic aluminum producer and a unit of Vedanta Aluminium, organized a series of impactful initiatives aimed at fostering inclusivity and empowering differently-abled children. The company arranged a host of sessions, including training on menstrual health management and cloth stitching, for differently-abled children. Additionally, the company provided a platform for its employee volunteers to encourage and engage these children with inspiring stories and hand paintings.

Understanding that adolescents with disabilities often confront the dual stigma surrounding menstruation and disabilities, BALCO unveiled a specially designed learning module on menstrual health management. This module was introduced under BALCO’s flagship project Nayi Kiran, which aims to demystify menstrual myths and taboos, and develop sustainable hygiene practices during menstruation through awareness and capacity building. Directed to meet the unique needs of differently-abled children, this module thoughtfully equipped tailored teaching materials and methods specifically designed to educate differently-abled adolescents on menstrual health management.
In addition, BALCO also conducted an exclusive capacity-building program called ‘Stitch My Own Pad.’ Addressing the challenges associated with menstrual health management, particularly due to period poverty, this training empowered differently-abled adolescent girls to stitch their own reusable cloth pads, offering them a sustainable and hygienic solution for their menstrual needs.
In a concerted effort to address the unique needs of visually, speech, and hearing-impaired children, this event also aimed at encouraging these individuals facing sensory challenges to believe in their abilities. The company, through employee volunteerism, offered an interactive session with its employees that instilled hope and motivation in these differently-abled children. Several employees engaged in the event through activities such as inspirational storytelling and hand painting, bringing smiles to these children.
The event saw participation from over 120 differently-abled children from Divya Jyoti School, a government institution for differently-abled children in Korba, Chhattisgarh.
Underscoring the importance of this initiative, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, CEO and Director of BALCO, said, “BALCO believes in the power of inclusivity and its positive impact on the holistic growth and development of society. At BALCO, we are committed to fostering an environment that gives equal opportunities to everyone. On this International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we are proud to contribute to building an inclusive society with our initiatives that aim to not only provide education and support but also foster a sense of empowerment among the differently-abled. Through these programs, we hope to break down barriers and create a more equitable future for all.”
Mr. Akash Kaushik, a differently-abled employee from BALCO who volunteered during this event, said, “Volunteering for this initiative has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I had
the opportunity to share with these children my personal journey of excelling in both my personal life and career, illustrating that our disabilities are not limitations but are distinct abilities. Together with BALCO, we painted a narrative of inclusion, breaking stereotypes, and proving that each of us, with our distinct abilities, contributes to a more diverse and resilient world.”
BALCO diligently organizes sensitization workshops and training, fostering a workplace culture that thrives on understanding and respect. The company practices an inclusive hiring approach, ensuring a merit-based selection process and actively seeking talent from diverse backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and identities, strengthening its commitment towards diversity and inclusion. Notably, the company has employed 5 differently-abled employees and 18 transgender employees into its ranks to date.

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