BALCO’s Energy Conservation Drive Spurs a Sustainable Start to the New Year

The drive aimed to promote energy saving practices within the plant premises and communities

Balconagar; 2nd January 2024: Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO), India’s iconic aluminium producer and a unit of Vedanta Aluminium, has completed a 15-day energy conservation drive in the vicinity of its operations, forging a collective resolve to build a sustainable future in the new year. Launched on National Energy Conservation Day (14 December), the drive encompassed a series of informative and participatory activities held across several locations, including the plant premises, local communities and schools, aimed at promoting energy conservation. Together, these initiatives witnessed active participation from over 1000 people.

On the occasion, BALCO organized a special session on energy conservation for its employees, featuring Prof. Ramasamy Mahendiran, a Certified Energy Auditor at the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Government of India. He highlighted several industrial best practices for boosting energy efficiency and optimization. In addition, the company organized engaging quizzes and competitions among its employees to raise awareness about ways to reduce energy consumption in workspaces. The company also launched a carpooling drive, encouraging employees to commute to the office together and thereby reduce energy consumption. Further, employees were invited to submit innovative solutions to boost energy-efficient operations.
Extending the impact of the drive beyond the plant, BALCO also organized drawing competitions in the schools within its neighboring communities, helping to instill a spirit of sustainability among students. The company also held community awareness sessions in nearby villages, providing them with insights into easy energy-saving practices that could be adopted in their daily lives.
Speaking about the impact of the energy conservation drive, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, CEO & Director, BALCO, said, “At BALCO, we stand resolute in our commitment to creating a sustainable future for our planet. Towards this goal, we are continuously implementing energy-efficient practices as a cornerstone of our mission. The initiatives organized as part of the community drive thereby embody our pledge to foster responsible energy consumption. Through innovation, awareness, and collaboration, we are not only embracing energy efficient business practices but also inspiring a cultural shift towards a greener and more sustainable world.”
Aligned with its vision of ‘Zero Harm, Zero Waste, and Zero Discharge’, BALCO is also exploring greener options for diversifying its energy source, such as using biofuels in the heavy vehicles within its plant premises and electric forklifts for material handling and goods movement. In addition, the company has integrated graphitization into its pot lining design. This is a process that makes the properties of cathodes used in aluminium production more akin to graphite – an excellent conductor of electricity known for stability at high temperatures. It enables the cathodes, to display enhanced electrical conductivity, contributing to more energy efficient operations.
BALCO’s commitment to responsible operations has earned it several accolades. These include the ‘Sustainable Factory of the Year’ Award from Frost and Sullivan and the ‘GreenCo Silver’
rating in the CII Green
Company Rating System, further highlighting the company’s deep dedication to fostering a greener future.


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