BALCO’s Women Employees Shine Spotlight on International Women’s Day 2024

Lead examples for many, as they narrate their experiences of working in the metal and mining Industry.

Balconagar, March 07, 2024: Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO), India’s iconic aluminium producer and a unit of Vedanta Aluminium, takes pride in housing a diverse team of women employees, each contributing to the company’s operational excellence through their extensive skills. In an industry where women are underrepresented, these women at BALCO shine as an inspiration for other women, this International Women’s Day.

Himanshi Gupta is a new graduate trainee working in the crucial potlines function at BALCO. When she is asked about her role, she says “People are often surprised to learn that I work with several female colleagues. The misconception that manufacturing is a male-dominated field persists, but the reality is different in BALCO. Many young girls and their parents are curious about careers in manufacturing, seeking information on education and job prospects. I take pride in sharing my passion.”
Priti Shikha Nanda, a Metallurgy and Materials Engineer at BALCO, emphasizes her pivotal role in Metallurgy, R&D, and Quality Assurance, stating, “At BALCO, I immerse myself in highly skilled tasks like microscopic examinations of product samples, meticulously evaluating elements such as grain structure, and porosity of our products. Seeing my assessments contribute to timely refinements in our standard operating procedures brings me immense satisfaction. My work remains pivotal in ensuring the utmost quality in our offerings, including aluminum ingots and wire rods.”
Tapaswini Priyadarshini, a young Mining Engineer, at BALCO’s Chotia Mines, said “I have found profound fulfillment in contributing to our open-pit mining operations. Ensuring smooth logistics and monitoring turnaround time are pivotal aspects of my responsibilities. At BALCO, I have experienced firsthand commitment to fostering a supportive and empowering work culture for women like me. It is inspiring to be part of a company that values diversity and prioritizes creating opportunities for women to thrive in traditionally male-dominated fields.”
Anjali Pawar, who serves as the Head of Quality Assurance at Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO), shares her extensive experience. She mentions, “Over the past fifteen years, I have observed firsthand progress of our processes and standards to achieve global benchmarks. Quality assurance goes beyond maintaining standards; it involves fostering a culture of excellence and customer satisfaction. Leading this journey has been incredibly rewarding, as it combines my academic knowledge with a sense of purpose.”
Suneela MVS, working as Head – Project Management Officer at BALCO, is a shining example of leadership. Not only does she oversee BALCO’s ongoing expansion project, but she also mentors a team of female engineers who support her in this role. She says, “I believe women professionals at any level of the manufacturing industry are endowed with the responsibility of advocating for even more women to join the industry. The industry is also becoming increasingly skill-oriented, with technology integration offering a level playing field for all professionals.”
BALCO is dedicated to fostering a diverse workplace culture that not only promotes the growth and development of the organization but also creates exciting new avenues for women professionals to progress. In alignment with Vedanta’s vision of an equitable future, the company has implemented various initiatives ensuring women’s safety and security, health and wellness, and skill enhancement fostering a suitable environment for their growth and development

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