Big disclosure of robbery incident in MP Nagar,Robbery accused arrested from district Janjgir

Applicant Ritu Nirmalkar Address LIG 08 M.P. Nagar Korba came to the police station and filed a report that the applicant’s mother Suman Nirmalkar, father Raj Kumar Nirmalkar and elder brother Rishabh Nirmalkar had passed away on 22.06.2023 to participate in the funeral program of my maternal grandmother, village Nariyara Mulmula district. Jajgir had gone to Champa.

The applicant and grandmother Rambha Bai Nirmalkar were in the house that today, on 24-06-2023 at around 08.00 pm, four masked men forcibly entered the applicant’s house and ran away after looting gold, silver jewelery and cash.
Crime number 276 / 2023 Section 458, 395, 392, 120B was established on the report of the applicant.
By forcibly entering the house of the applicant, the accused had tied the applicant and her grandmother by pasting their hands and legs with cello tape and threatened to kill them, looted the gold and silver jewelery kept in the house and escaped.
On receiving the information of the incident, the team of Civil Line Police Station and Cyber ​​Cell Korba immediately checked the CCTV footage installed nearby and the routes to and fro. Forensic team photographer, dog squad were called to the spot.
Taking seriously the incident of looting of women in MP Nagar LIG 08 by tying their hands and legs at 8 pm, four different teams were formed by Mr. Superintendent of Police to nab the accused.
In which cyber cell and police station Rampur’s staff Mal Mashruka were engaged in nabbing the accused. Two teams were technically engaged in checking CCTV cameras and one team was engaged in mobile technical analysis, one team in field area.
On questioning the family members, important information was received that Suman Nirmalkar, the mother of the applicant, told that Bhola alias Prakash Nirmalkar and Anil Maharaj had come to the house two days back.Those people are of miscreant nature, I have a doubt that they must have looted my house. Bhola alias Prakash and Anil Maharaj were not among the four persons who looted.Still the police was doing its work on both. Meanwhile, information was received from the informer that Bhola and Anil Maharaj, the brothers of the applicant, had carried out the robbery.
On the basis of information, two police teams were formed and Bhola alias Prakash Nirmalkar and his accomplice Anil Sharma were arrested after going to village Amora Akaltara.On being questioned, he first denied having committed the incident. Later, on psychological questioning, he accepted the incident along with his other comrades.
On questioning the accused, it was told that while playing satta in IPL match, the accused had incurred a loan of 5 lakhs. The other accused Anil Sharma, Senti alias Nikhil, Kailas Kurre, Suraj Dhritalhare and Ashwani alias Pillu, all residents of Amora, and other accomplices of the accused were also under debt pressure.
The accused told that my maternal uncle Rajkumar Nirmalkar who lives in Korba. He has a lot of money and gold and silver and those people are not even at home for a few days.
After which on 22.06.2023 the train KWID car number CG 11 A.V. From 8487 Korba had come from Amora to the house of Rajkumar Nirmalkar to drop his maternal grandmother and sister from Nariara, had visited the house and the surrounding area thoroughly.
On 23.06.2023, the accused Anil Sharma (Maharaj), Senti alias Nikhil, Kailas Kurre, Suraj Ghritalhare all residents of Amora and Ashwani alias Pillu all came to Korba in a KWID car and made a plan by reikiing the house and surrounding area of ​​the applicant.
As per the plan, on 24.06.2023, the accused red colored Apache motor cycle number CG 11 A.P. In 3157, Santi alias Nikhil, Tillu and Kailash and Anil Sharma’s motor cycle Hero HF. Anil Sharma and Suraj came to Korba sitting in deluxe black color without number plate.Which Bhola and Anil Sharma were watching under the house. Senti alias Nikhil, Pillu Suraj and Kailash entered the house with cloth around their mouths and after about half an hour ran away after looting gold, silver and cash in a white bag. Everyone reached Amora in their own motor cycle.
1 lakh 60 thousand rupees in cash, gold articles from the possession of both the accused – two pieces of gold mangalsutra, one piece of gold rani haar, gold earring, three pair of gold jholwala jhumka, one pair of gold pendant chain, one gold pair tops, one piece gold ear ring, one piece gold chain,
Two pairs of gold bracelets and silver accessories – one piece of silver girdle, one pair of silver anklets, one pair of silver hand pose, one pair of small silver anklets, one piece of silver kajal donation, one pair of silver vermilion box, One piece of key ring, two pairs of big silver bracelet, one pair of bracelet, 30 pieces of silver coin having picture of Ganesha and Lakshmi and a KWID car used in the incident from the accused, one piece of Apache M.S. One no. HF Deluxe has been recovered.Mashruka worth Rs 20 lakh has been seized from the accused. The interrogation of the accused is going on. The other four accused in the robbery are absconding.

In this important action, under the guidance of Superintendent of Police Korba U Uday Kiran (I.P.S.), Additional Superintendent of Police Abhishek Verma and under the direction of Superintendent of Police Vishwadeepak Tripathi, City Superintendent of Police Korba, Inspector Sanat Sonwani, in-charge of Cyber ​​Cell Korba, Civil Line Police Station Inspector Nitin Under the efficient leadership of Upadhyay, Police Station Civil Line Rampur Staff Sauni Durgesh Rathore, Sauni Rakesh Gupta, R. Rakesh Karsh, R. Jitendra Soni, R. Prakash Chandra,R. Sandeep Bhagat, R. Deep Narayan Tripathi, R. Tipendra Tanwar, R. Surendra Rathia (Cyber ​​Cell) Sauni Rakesh Singh, Pr. Ram Pandey, Pr, Gunaram Sinha, Pr. Chakdhar Rathore, Pr Rajesh Kanwar, R. Alok Toppo, R. Prashant Singh, R, Ritesh Sharma, R. Damon Ogre, Mr Renu Toppo, R. Sushil Yadav, R. Virkeshwar Pratap Singh, R. Ravi Kumar Choubey had an important contribution. A suitable reward has been announced to the team by Superintendent of Police.

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