Cash amount of Rs 200000.00 (two lakhs) seized by Manikpur Police at vehicle checking point.

Guidelines and guidance were given by Superintendent of Police Jitendra Shukla to stop illegal cash flow in view of the upcoming assembly elections.On which under the guidance of Additional Superintendent of Police Abhishek Verma, City Superintendent of Police Bhushan Ekka and Police Station Incharge Kotwali Rupak Sharma and under the leadership of Outpost Incharge Manikpur Premchand Sahu, during vehicle checking today on 16/10/2023, Harishchandra Tripathi, resident of Transport Nagar, father Radheshyam Tripathi. While transporting Rs 2 lakh in cash, the said amount was seized under section 102 due to failure to produce any valid document regarding the amount.

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