Election related information can be given on the mobile numbers of expenditure and police observers including general observers. Common citizens can meet the observers at Kaveri Bhawan NTPC Guest House.


Korba: Election Commission of India has appointed observers for all four assembly constituencies of Korba district. All the observers have reached Korba. Common citizens can provide information related to assembly elections in the district on the mobile numbers of observers related to their assembly. A total of 04 observers have been appointed. IAS for Korba and Rampur assembly. IAS for Priyatu Mandal and Pali-Tanakhar and Katghora assembly. CK Jamatia has been appointed as the General Observer. Apart from this, ON Hariprasad Rao IRS for Korba, Rampur Pali-Tanakhar and Katghora assembly. has been made Expenditure Observer, while C.Venkata Subba Reddy IPS has been appointed as Police Observer. Has been appointed. All of them will remain present in Korba district till the elections and keep an eye on the elections.
Under the Assembly Elections 2023, Observer Priyatu Mandal (IAS) for Rampur and Korba Assembly, Mohd. From 7587016645 to the common citizen from 9.30 am to 10.30 am, for Kaveri Bhawan Guest House, Katghora and Pali-Tanakhar, Observer C.K.Jamatia.(IAS), Mohd.No. By calling 7587016646, common citizens can meet at NTPC Kaveri Bhawan Guest House from 11 am to 12 noon and lodge election related complaints. Similarly, Expenditure Observer O.N.Hariprasad Rao (IRS) Mob.No. 7587016535 and Police Observer C.Venkata Subba Reddy (IPS) Mob.No. Election related complaints can be made at NTPC Kaveri Bhawan Guest House by calling 7587016647 from 9.30 am to 10.30 am.

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