Group admin should be careful, issued in public interest by Korba police

Group administrators of all social sites should keep in mind that any member of your group may post wrong news, controversial posts, controversial things, spoil communal harmony,

Spreads or broadcasts any message, post illustration or video related to increasing dispute between two parties, increasing dispute between two groups or spreading disharmony between any castes.
So the group admin should forbid that person to broadcast the above things to the member of the group, if he does not agree, remove that person from the group immediately. Also inform the information of the persons posting such posts on the WhatsApp number 9479193399 of Korba Police Control Room.
If the above responsibility is not fulfilled by the group admin, then the responsibility of the group admin will also be fixed in relation to that post, legal action will be taken against them for broadcasting the disputed post.
Apart from this, if any person posts / shares / forwards / comments misleading and untrue news through social media like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.
If there is an adverse impact on public peace, then strict action will be taken against such a person under the Indian Penal Code and Information Technology Act, therefore everyone is appealed to refrain from posting / sharing / forwarding / commenting such untrue and misleading news.

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