Inter-district trailer vehicle theft gang busted

04 main accused of the gang and 02 buyers arrested.The accused targeted 04 vehicles from TP Nagar, Syahimuri Pass and Deepka area in the district. Joint action of Korba Police and Cyber ​​Cell team.Crime number 132/23 section 379 is registered in other police stations of the district and crime number 408/23 section 379 is registered in Deepka police station.

KORBA – On 06.12.2023, applicant Mohd. Mansoor Ansari filed a report that on 03.12. 2023, between 09:30 pm to 06:00 am on 04.12.2023, some unknown person from the road side in front of TP Nagar Mahindra Showroom, his old trailer vehicle number CG 12 S 1305, whose engine number is 11E63136622 and chassis number MAT44721283E13371. Which has been stolen.On the report of the applicant, crime number 545/2023 section 379 has been registered and taken into consideration and senior officers have been informed about the status of the case.Under the direction of Superintendent of Police Jitendra Shukla and guidance of Additional Superintendent of Police Abhishek Verma and supervision of City Superintendent of Police Bhushan Ekka, outpost in-charge CSEB Sub Inspector took immediate action and arrested the unknown accused. Naveen Patel and cyber cell in-charge, SCI. Ajay Sonwani and Cyber ​​Cell Korba team had received necessary guidelines.In compliance with the guidelines received from senior officers, outpost CSEB and cyber cell team Korba closely observed the incident spot and after scanning the CCTV cameras installed nearby, the suspects were found and with the help of cyber cell team, the suspected accused were traced. Went,The main accused Bholesh Pal, father Jagdish Prasad, caste Gadhariya, age 25, Hospital Road, Darrakhancha, police station Hardibazar, district Korba and his associates, Vinod Kumar Aditya, father Shivkumar, caste Kahra, age 35, Kaharapara, Baloda police station, Baloda district, Janjgir-Champa, Sandeep Kumar Rai, father Tulsi Rai, caste Satnami, age 28,Bazarpara Baloda police station Baloda district Janjgir-Champa and Kirti Kumar Sharma alias Yash father Vijay Kumar Sharma age 28 Khisora ​​police station Baloda district Janjgir-Champa hall residence ward no. 52 Ashoknagar police station, Sarkanda district, Bilaspur, after taking him into custody and interrogating him thoroughly.Trailer number CG 12 S 1837 from TP Nagar Korba on 22.02.23 and Trailer number CG 12 S 1305 on 03.12.23 From Syahimuri, Darri on 13.02.23 Trailer number CG 22 AC 6619 and in front of ACB Coal Vasari. Trailer number CG 12 S 6013 was stolen from Deepka on 26.11.23 and sold to Ghazi Khan and Rasid Khan alias Babu resident of Sarora Basti, Urla district, Raipur.On the basis of which the vehicle buyer is Ghazi Khan, father Sabir Khan, age 44 years, Nayapara Phool Chowk Ward No. 49 Police station Golbazar district Raipur and Rashid Khan alias Babu father Mohammad Khan age 51 years, S.G Ghazinagar Birgaon ward no. 30 Raipur police station Urla district Raipur. On being caught and interrogated, it was accepted to purchase 04 trailer vehicles from the accused and all the trailer vehicles were sold in small quantities. It is said that he cut it into pieces and sold it to another scrap dealer known to him.On the basis of evidence in the case, a total of 07 pieces of mobile phones, 01 piece of country-made pistol, cash amount of Rs. 50000/-, 02 pieces of motor cycle, 01 piece of Bolero vehicle and some parts of the vehicle of applicant Mansoor Ansari were separately recovered from the accused and confiscated. The accused have been arrested and are being presented in the Honorable Korba Court on judicial remand today on 14.12.2023 under sections 379,120 (B), 201,34,411,413, 25 Arms Act.Besides, police station Darri and Deepka district Korba have been informed to take legal action and the address of the vehicle buyer and one other accused is being ascertained, who will soon be arrested in the case and sent behind the bars.

In the said proceedings, outpost in-charge CSEB Naveen Patel, Chhedilal Jatwar, Sudhanshu Sharma, Uday Singh constable Devnarayan Kurre, Vinod Tiwari, Gopiram Divya, Purushottam Mukherjee, Suraj Khare, Lakhan Lal Ratre and Ajay Sonwani, Gunaram Sinha, Rajesh Kanwar from Cyber ​​Cell Korba team. , Chandrashekhar Pandey, constable Damon Ogre, Virkeshwar Singh, Prashant Singh, Ritesh Sharma, Alok Toppo, Ravi Chaubey, Ramu Kurmi, lady constable Renu Toppo have played a commendable rol .

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