Korba Superintendent of Police himself conducting raids in civil dress

Horoscopes of people with criminal records are being scrutinized, continuous action is being taken against illegal activities, traffic violations, there is panic among people with criminal tendencies.

KORBA – Superintendent of Police Siddharth Tiwari is continuously taking action to curb every kind of illegal drug trade in the district.

On getting information about illegal hideouts, the captain himself is raiding these hideouts in civil dress like a common citizen. As a result, cases of illegal liquor and drug addiction are being registered and drug addicts are being caught.

The captain said that action is being taken against those who drink and drive and violate traffic rules under the Motor Vehicle Act. A letter has been written to the RTO for action to cancel the license of the concerned.

Keeping an eye on the criminals who have left the district, the police have so far registered 478 travelers in their investigation. All those who sell goods by hawking in Korba are under the police radar.Information regarding people who have come to Korba from Digar province and districts and have left from here, has been/is being sent to the police of the districts so that they can be monitored there also.

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