Manikpur Police action, items stolen from Manikpur Primary School recovered within 72 hours

The accused absconded leaving his belongings due to fear of being caught by the police team.

KORBA – Shanti Ekka came to Manikpur outpost and lodged the first information letter on 09.102023.That the school will be held between 05.00 pm on 07.10.2023 and 09.00 am on 08.10.2023.By breaking the lock and entering inside, government goods like – Projector set 01 no., pressure cooker big one, sports goods welcome kit, plate, glass, gunj total Mashruka and about Rs. 2.00,000 have been stolen. On the report, crime number 601/ 2023 Section 457, 380 were registered and taken into consideration proceedings. During the investigation, the seriousness of the matter was conveyed to Additional Superintendent of Police Abhishek Verma and after obtaining necessary guidelines, a special team of Mahahat employees under the leadership of Sub Inspector Premchand Sahu, under the guidance of Inspector Rupak Sharma Police Station Incharge, under the supervision of City Police Superintendent Bhushan Ekka, was prepared. Investigation proceedings were initiated, during which information was received from the informer that the items which had been stolen from the school, had been kept back in the school premises due to the fear of being caught by an unknown accused, who went to the spot and found the projector, CPU, The shell kit was seized in front of witnesses and taken into possession of the police. In this case, it has been ensured that the accused of theft committed in the school premises is arrested as soon as possible and presented before the Honorable Court. In the said proceedings, outpost in-charge Manikpur, Premchand Sahu, head constable Rajendra Rai, constable Sandeep Singh, Pradeep Rathore, Ashok Patle. , Sanjay Sahu played an important role.

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