On the orders of the Superintendent of Police, awareness is being made by going to the village under Sajag Korba

Awareness was created by organizing meetings in village Keshalpur by Jatga police, village Sindripali by Chaitma police and village Garh Upora of Lemru police.

Superintendent of Police Korba Siddharth Tiwari has directed police station/post in-charges to hold a meeting of public representatives and farmers and make them aware under Vigilant Korba.

Police station/post in-charges are calling a meeting of rural farmers, Mitanins and public representatives living in the villages under their police station area. In this sequence, a meeting of public representatives and villagers was held in the Gram Panchayat building by the police station/post in-charge and his staff.

The people present in the meeting were told about the incidents of snatching that have taken place in the border districts and detailed information was given about the mistake due to which the incidents happened there and people were given advice in this regard.

That whenever you go to the bank, always do not go alone and take two or three people along with you, do not talk to any unknown people and go straight to home, do not stop at a paan stall or tea stall. In this meeting, the Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat Podi, the local Five Mitanins and villagers participated in this meeting enthusiastically.

Pamphlets under Sajjak Korba were distributed to everyone and requests were made to publicize Sajjak Korba through the pamphlet.

In the meeting held by the police, the women were advised that whenever the Mahuva season is about to come, women should not go to the forest alone nor should they send children to the forest to collect Mahuva. Always three to four people go together to pick Mahuva.

Apart from this, in case of cyber crime, the people present have to immediately call the nearest police station or cyber helpline number 1930 and register their complaint. Villagers were made aware about ATM related fraud and were given information about sextortion and crimes related to women.

Pointing out that the number of road accidents is very high, people were told not to drink and drive and follow traffic rules. Public awareness related pamphlets received from the office of the Superintendent of Police in this regard were distributed to the people present there. People were given information about dial 112 and highway emergency number 1033.

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