Police registered 41 cases against those driving at over speed

Action is being taken in view of accidents occurring due to over speed.Summons fee of about Rs 47,000 was collected from those driving over speeding vehicles.Action is being taken to suspend the licenses of the people who took action.

On the instructions of Superintendent of Police Korba Siddharth Tiwari, a special campaign was conducted and patrolling was done on the main roads and chowk intersections of the police station/post. In this series, instructions were given by the police station and traffic to take strict action against those driving at over speed, on which action has been taken by all the police stations/posts and traffic in the district against those driving at over speed.

Korba Police, while taking action against those driving over speed vehicles at different places, recovered a total of Rs 47,000 in 41 cases in 2 days and is also taking action to suspend their license.

It may be noted that till date this year, action has been taken against a total of 99 people for driving at over speed, in which a summon fee of Rs 123,000 has been deposited.

This special campaign was run by the officers and employees of Korba Police to reduce the frequent accidents. Under the campaign, the vehicles were checked and they were explained not to drive at over speed, nor to drive under the influence of alcohol. Let your close ones drive while intoxicated. The police is taking action and is also taking action to suspend the license.

The police team will take further action to completely control those driving at over speed.


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