Raid in Raja Dhaba of Chhuri, about 16 000 liters of petrol and diesel seized, police also seized a tanker

Korba/Chhuri town of Korba district has once again come into limelight when the police raided Raja Dhaba located there and seized about 16000 liters of petrol and diesel. A tanker parked in the warehouse adjacent to the dhaba has also been seized. The police suspect that either diesel petrol is brought through it or the purchased illegal petroleum product is sent out.

Darri CSP Robinson Gudiya police station in-charge Chaman Lal Sinha along with Katghora police station in-charge Tej Yadav, when the police force raided Raja Dhaba located in Chhuri, a large quantity of diesel petrol was found there. When the diesel petrol stored in the jar was assessed, it was found that a total of 15860 liters of diesel petrol was stored illegally. A tanker parked in the boundary of Raja Dhaba was also seized by the police.

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