Asha Azad of Korba district honored with three national awards

On 08.09.23, National Honorary Degree to Asha Azad, Assistant Professor Geology, S.E.V.S.M.Korba, resident of Manikpur, Korba, from Magic Book of Art University, a Government of India registered institution, at Faridabad, NCR Delhi. Best Author Award and National APJ Abdul Kalam Award were given.

The program started with the national anthem. In this sequence, the daughters of Chhattisgarh state, Asha Azad and Sukmoti Chauhan, were awarded honorary degrees from this platform for their unique book “Chhattisgarh Sampoorna Darshan”, for which they have already received two achievements from the Golden Book of World Records.
For whose remarkable work, she has been awarded an honorary Doctorate degree from Magic and Art University, and also these two daughters of Chhattisgarh have become the first women of Chhattisgarh to receive an Honorary Doctorate degree from Magic and Art University as well as the Best Author Award. Have registered your name as.
In this felicitation ceremony, Dr. Chhabiram Patel, Principal, Pithora Chhattisgarh was also honored with the degree of Doctorate. The chief guest of this felicitation ceremony was Dr. Pratibha Sharma Advocate DET, who is a permanent member of Lok Adalat Mathura and has been awarded more than 100 achievers in women and child development, has been honored with many international honors like Messiah Samman, Mahila Shakti Samman.
The program was inaugurated with his blessings. As special guests, Vijay Kapoor (Director Bridge Medical Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Former Director ASI, Lecturer Essar CCDU), Vibhu Batra (CA Gurgaon, Social Worker), Chandrakanta Bhadauria (Advocate FCT), Usha Rani Gandhi (Chief Warden, Woman) Hostel Red Cross Faridabad), Naveen Gautam(Producer, International Documentary), Harish Sharma(Engineer, The program was organized in the presence of Producer, International Documentary).
In her address, Dr. Pratibha Sharma, starting with her Braj language, said that when we walk together with our culture, it becomes our real identity. She said that all the people of India have brought glory to the country by working for the welfare of the country. have done
Dr. Asha Azad and Dr. Sukmoti Chauhan ji have fully respected their culture by taking this doctorate degree in the traditional attire of their state. It is essential for us to preserve our culture. Both these women have done their unique work in the literary world.
By keeping his state in the first place, he has brought pride not only to his state but to the entire country. In this dignified program, 30 people from different states were given honorary doctorate degrees for their special works.Also on this occasion, Dr. C.P. Yadav, CEO of Magic and Art University, praised Chhattisgarh Sampurna Darshan Granth and congratulated him. The program was concluded with the song Vande Mataram.



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