BALCO celebrates International Family Day with ‘Proud Families

Balconagar; 20th May 2023: Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO), India’s iconic aluminium producer and a subsidiary of Vedanta Aluminium, created a truly memorable experience for its employees and their families on International Family Day this year, by organizing plant visits for the family members of the employees. The visits not only showcased the processes of aluminium manufacturing to the parents but also added to their pride by leaving a lasting impression and further strengthening their bond with the company.

BALCO, under the ‘Proud Families’ initiative had provided a comprehensive schedule to all the visiting families that covered an understanding of the crucial functions of the company. From parents to siblings and spouses, the participating family members indulged in an overall understanding of plant operations over the well-guided trip that also included discussions with the plant representatives. Keeping the standards of safety intact at every level, the families were given an extraordinary opportunity to witness the entire journey of aluminium production, starting from pot rooms to power plants and the Finishing Line Areas (Casthouses). They had also witnessed the transformation of aluminium into a multitude of end products that serve vital purposes across various industries.
The visits were concluded with an enriching experience at BALCO Museum and Learning Centre, a rich repository of BALCO’s heritage where the families were introduced to the fascinating legacy of BALCO. Here, the families spent time learning about BALCO- independent India’s first Public Sector Undertaking (PSU), and its contribution to the industrial progress of the nation. Around 110 people had a joyful experience from the family visits spread over a week.
Speaking about the importance of employee well-being and fostering a nurturing workplace, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, CEO, and Director, BALCO said, “Families play a pivotal role in the lives of employees, providing them with a strong support system and contributing to their performance and success. At BALCO, we understand this and work towards creating a healthy work-life balance for the overall happiness and well-being of our employees. We are committed to fostering a happy and healthy work culture for realizing the truest potential of our employees, crucial for their holistic growth and success.”
BALCO prioritizes the well-being of employees’ families by providing a diverse range of family-friendly benefits. Through the innovative ‘Spouse hiring policy’, BALCO offers deserving and experienced spouses, opportunities to join the company’s workforce. The company also ensures that the health needs of employees’ family members are taken care of through comprehensive medical coverage. BALCO facilitates a comfortable living environment within its township, with easy accessibility to schools, parks, hospitals, and grocery stores in the vicinity which, ensures that families have all the essential amenities. Additionally, the company also provides opportunities for families to socialize and have an engaging lifestyle by organizing vibrant events and celebrating all major festivals.
BALCO is committed to transforming the workplace by embracing internationally recognized best practices in people management. The company takes continuous measures for fostering a diverse and inclusive work culture, distinguishing itself as an organization that actively supports LGBTQIA+ employees in core operations. Through new-age learning & growth opportunities, the company is working towards creating a strong platform to empower the employees. In the past, BALCO has also been recognized with awards such as Arogya World Healthy Workplace Award – 2022 and Great Place to Work in 2023 for their benchmarked people practices.

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