Wife got her husband murdered by giving betel nut, Deepka police arrested in case of SECL employee’s murder

The murder of SECL employee Jagjivan Ratre, who resided in residence number 7 of Urja Nagar Colony of Koyalanchal Gevra in Korba district, has been revealed.His wife herself had given 50 thousand rupees betel nut for the murder. The incident took place just before the 10th wedding anniversary. After the incident, the woman also gave some jewelry to the accused. The incident took place in Urja Nagar Colony under Deepka Police Station area at around 2 pm on May 23.

This case seemed suspicious to the police from the beginning. With multiple levels of investigation, the links were solved. In this connection, the accused Tushar Soni, who was involved in the murder, has been arrested. Today, in the press conference, the police presented the accused in front of the media.CSP Robinson Guria said that on receiving information about the murder of Jagjivan Ratre, the police went to the spot at 3 am. During that time Dhaneshwari Ratre was interrogated. The statement was being changed by him again and again. This is what got us suspicious.Finally later he told the whole story. On this basis Tushar Soni was arrested. The woman had told that she was tortured a lot for the last five years. She was married to Jagjivan 10 years ago. From whom a son and a daughter were born. Tushar was given a betel nut of Rs 50,000 in the month of March itself after being fed up with the act of drinking and fighting.
May 24 was the 10th wedding anniversary. The incident was executed with planning just before this. Police said that on the night of the incident, the woman provided some jewelery and Rs 6,000 to the accused. The ax used in the incident has been seized. More facts are being ascertained in the matter.

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