BALCO Commemorates Hindi Diwas with ‘Swar: Kavya Goshti’, Celebrates Hindi Language and Literature

Balconagar; 27th September 2023: Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO), India’s iconic aluminium producer and a subsidiary of Vedanta Aluminium, observed ‘Hindi Diwas’ with great enthusiasm during ‘Swar: Kavya Goshti’, a Hindi Pakhwada event that delved into the rich world of Hindi literature. This occasion featured a heartfelt celebration of Hindi poetry contributions from various individuals in the city, including talented BALCO employees who received honors for their participation. The company also extended its appreciation to students from schools in and around Balconagar who had excelled in Hindi in the 10th and 12th standards.

Centered around the theme of ‘The Role of Industries in Evolution of Hindi’, the event welcomed esteemed Hindi authors from Chhattisgarh state, namely Dr. Girish Pankaj, Dr. Pardeshi Ram Verma, and Dr. Manik Vishwakarma. These eminent authors engaged in insightful discussions regarding the significance of Hindi, the imperative need for its preservation and promotion, and the pivotal role of industries in the evolution of the Hindi language.

Dr. Girish Pankaj, the distinguished Hindi author, and the chief guest of the event underscored the paramount importance of Hindi by stating, “As Hindi spreads across borders today, its cultural significance resonates worldwide. However, we must also prioritize its preservation within our nation. Hindi represents our history, values, and traditions. By actively promoting it at home, we strengthen our connection to our roots and ensure the vitality of our heritage for future generations. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to BALCO for celebrating Hindi and for organizing this exceptional event.”

Encouraging individuals to embrace Hindi, Dr. Pardeshi Ram Verma emphasized, “Hindi is not just a language; it’s the beating heart of our emotions, the eloquent voice of our way of life. It transcends words to express the deepest feelings and binds us together in the rich tapestry of our culture. Let us cherish Hindi, for in its embrace, we find the essence of our shared existence.”

Talking about the role of industries in the evolution of Hindi, Dr. Manik Vishwakarma remarked, “Hindi, in its remarkable journey, has seamlessly integrated technical lexicons from various linguistic sources. This linguistic fusion, driven by the needs of a rapidly industrializing world, has not only facilitated mutual understanding but also elevated Hindi to a pivotal role within the industrial landscape. In this era of globalization, Hindi stands as a bridge, connecting tradition and progress, and ensuring that our rich linguistic heritage remains at the forefront of industrial evolution.”

Highlighting the profound impact of the event, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, CEO and Director of BALCO, expressed, “BALCO acknowledges the profound role language plays in shaping the literary foundations of a harmonious society. Through this event, we seek to create a synergy of languages and literary minds, fostering an appreciation for the significance of Hindi. Our commitment to celebrating Hindi goes beyond words; it’s a tribute to the rich tapestry of our culture and a step toward a more beautiful and inclusive society.”

Notably, the event received an overwhelming response, with over 200 people gathering to express their deep enthusiasm for Hindi literature. During the event, the participating employees and individuals showcased their literary prowess, leaving a lasting impression on the guests and the audience with their impressive recitations. Approximately 19 bright and dedicated students from schools in and around Balconagar were felicitated for demonstrating excellence in the Hindi language.

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