BALCO’s Mega Health Camp Provides Healthcare to Around 200 Individuals

Balconagar; 29th August 2023: Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO), India’s iconic aluminium producer and a subsidiary of Vedanta Aluminium, recently organized a Mega Health Camp at Bhatgaon Village, BALCO, in collaboration with Help Age India. Undertaken with the aim of providing specialty healthcare services and enhancing the community’s overall well-being, the camp witnessed an exceptional response with around 200 people turning up to seek medical interventions.

A part of BALCO’s Arogya Project, the mega health camp featured a range of specialized consultations, including ENT specialists, dentists, pediatricians, dermatologists, gynecologists, and physiotherapists, and included common medical tests like blood and sugar testing, and hemoglobin assessments. These free consultations not only facilitated early diagnoses but also raised awareness about the significance of timely treatment and care.
To extend its impact, the camp also had dedicated eye screening sessions that identified vision-related issues among the attendees. During the event, 18 cases of cataracts were identified, enabling prompt diagnosis and treatment consultations. This mega health camp had a far-reaching impact, spanning 45 communities and benefiting individuals of all ages, including children, women, men, and the elderly.
Puni Ram Nirmal, a resident of Bhatgaon, who attended the Mega health camp said, “I had been experiencing issues with my eyesight for quite some time. The mega health camp’s comprehensive eye screening helped me learn about my cataract condition that required immediate treatment. I am truly grateful for the care and guidance provided by the medical team, who had not only outlined the necessary steps for my treatment but also guided me regarding the affordable healthcare options available at government facilities.”
Talking about the Mega Health Camp, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, CEO, and Director, BALCO, said, “At BALCO, we place the utmost importance on quality healthcare accessible to the community. We believe that every individual has the right to receive comprehensive healthcare facilities. This not only forms the basis of our healthcare initiatives, which encompass both primary and specialty healthcare services but also paves the way for better quality of life in the region. The impact of our Mega Health Camp held every quarter inspires us to make persistent efforts and further our commitment towards community well-being.”
BALCO is focused on serving the community through impactful healthcare interventions under its Project Arogya. The company ensures accessibility of quality primary healthcare services for communities through Rural Health Posts and awareness creation through campaigns on crucial topics such as HIV, maternal and child health, and malnutrition. Further, the company also operates a mobile health van every 15 days, effectively addressing healthcare challenges through doorstep visits. It also organizes mega health camps and awareness campaigns, promoting vaccinations and hygiene practices, while ensuring accessible healthcare through home visits and specialized consultations. Through its curative and preventive services, the company has reached over 45,000 individuals in FY23.

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