BALCO’s Organizes Month-long Initiative to Raise Cancer Awareness in Local Communities

KORBA – Balconagar; 9th November 2023: Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO), India’s iconic aluminium producer, recently organized a series of interventions to raise awareness among community members on the importance of the early detection of cancer. In a collaborative effort with BALCO Medical Centre (BMC), the company embarked on a mission to educate community women, frontline workers, and teachers throughout the month of October, in observance of ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ and ‘National Cancer Awareness Day.

Recognizing the significant influence women have on ensuring their families’ health and welfare, frontline workers in disseminating health information, and teachers in playing a crucial role towards molding the next generation, BALCO chose to prioritize their awareness due to their impactful positions within their respective communities. By empowering them with knowledge about cancer prevention and early detection, the webinar sessions and awareness talks aimed at creating a ripple effect, promoting a healthier society through cancer prevention and cure. The session was led by a team of esteemed Cancer Specialists from BALCO Medical Centre (BMC), including Dr. Noopur Priya and Dr. Ajit Agarwal who spoke on the various type of cancers prevalent today, their causal factors, and the screening and treatment options available.

The BALCO Medical Centre, a state-of-the-art, 170-bed ultra-modern, multi-modality diagnostic and therapeutic facility based in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, has emerged as a national leader in India’s oncology space. It features comprehensive facilities for medical, surgical, radiation, hematological, BMT and palliative care. Since its inception, BMC has diligently served the healthcare needs of over 33,000 patients, addressing existing gaps in domestic cancer treatment, awareness, infrastructure, and expertise.

The health awareness sessions organized by BMC focused on educating women about the importance of early cancer detection and the associated risk factors. More than 200 participants were encouraged to take up self-examination and clinical screenings to prevent breast and cervical cancer. The events also included Q&A sessions, awareness discussions, advocating preventive measures, regular health check-ups, and encouraging the importance of seeking medical help. The sessions also reiterated the preventable nature of cancer through timely checks and shared wider information to the community on the treatment avenues available today.

Underscoring the importance of Cancer awareness, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, CEO and Director of BALCO said, “Early cancer detection is not just a medical necessity; it is a lifeline for individuals and their families. Early detection of cancer not only increases the chance of successful treatment but also reduces the emotional and financial burdens on patients and their families. Empowering individuals with the knowledge to take charge of their own health can create a healthier and more resilient community. By promoting awareness and encouraging early screenings, we can make a profound difference in the lives of our community members. Our interventions are a testament to our dedication towards making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities.”

BALCO, in its commitment to raising awareness about cancer prevention and cure, has also organized numerous free cancer screening camps within communities previously. These camps, conducted in collaboration with BALCO Medical Center, provided screenings for breast, cervical, and head & neck cancers, along with services like mammography, Pap smear tests, brush cytology, expert consultations, and general check-up services.

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