Big success of Korba police, finally discovered skeleton of dead news anchor

KORBA – Finally, the hard work of the police paid off, after completing all the legal procedures, from this morning, the police administration and officials of the municipal corporation and other departments started digging on the trail of the three accused arrested for the murder of the news anchor.

Where the news anchor’s skeleton has been recovered after digging about 20 feet, further action will be taken by the police so that the culprits can be punished,
The work of digging the road in front of Bhavani temple was started afresh. The next day, the remains of the dead body tied in a sack were recovered from the spot. This scene was captured by media cameras.
Darri CSP Robinson Guria and Kusmunda Inspector Krishna Kumar Verma along with a team from Raipur was also engaged in this work. Finally this time success came in his account.
Earlier, the police had applied to the local court for the digging of the forelane, on which permission was received from there. Police was informed about the burial of Salma’s body at this place by Madhur Sahu and his associates arrested in the case.
On this basis, the road was excavated on the spot. Last month, after getting the primary information in the same episode, the police had carried out excavation work on the roadside in Kohadia area as well.Whereas if no result was found, the surrounding area was also investigated through technical machine. On the basis of new information, the work of finding Salma’s skeleton was done. ,

Based on the receipt of the skeleton, the police will proceed with the evidence in this case to take further action.


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