Korba police made aware of women’s rights, POCSO Act, common law, cyber crime

Abhivyakti app has been promoted under Thana Kotwali, Balko, Darri, Bankimongra, Katghora, Urga, women’s rights, Poxo Act, general law, aware of cybercrime.

In the instruction received from Superintendent of Police Korba U Uday Kiran, women were informed about the Abhivyakti App by visiting Balco Plant, Bullion Shop, Government Office, various establishments, Jewelery Shop, various shops and places.

For the safety of women, Chhattisgarh Police has created an app named Abhivyakti.
So that by downloading this women safety app, women can file a complaint anytime and anywhere, and if necessary, by using the SOS feature, they can inform their family members and the police about their current location in emergency situations through this app through messages and location. Delivery has been arranged.
Korba Police is promoting the Abhivyakti app, as well as information on women’s rights, domestic violence, molestation, sexual harassment, cyber security, Posco Act etc. was given and the Abhivyakti app was downloaded in mobile.



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