Korba SP cuts New Year’s cake Best wishes: SP Jitendra Shukla made peace Appealed to keep, said- May the year 2024 be happy

KORBA – City hotels to welcome new year 2024 in Korba district, Everyone in the township and colony celebrated in their own way. On the night of 31st December, SP Jitendra Shukla went out to check the arrangements at the Chowk intersection of the city.Best wishes for the year.Let us tell you that SP Jitendra Shukla was out till late night to see the arrangements at the Chowk intersection of the city. He took information about the arrangements from the police personnel deployed at the intersections. It’s 12 o’clock at night , As soon as the bell was ringing, the SP started parking the car with the common people in the old bus stand. Cut the cake placed on the bonnet. feeding cakes to his subordinates Happy New Year.

SP Jitendra Shukla said that he wishes that 2024 should be happy for everyone and peace should be maintained. No major incident or accident of any kind in the district on New Year . For this, the SP also congratulated the people of the district and said that they should continue to get similar support in the coming times.

People welcomed the New Year in their own way. People gathered in TP Nagar area of ​​the city to celebrate the New Year.

All hotels are booked. Right from the evening, a lot of enthusiasm was seen among the youth regarding the New Year. After 12 midnight, everyone enjoys in different squares and areas of the city in their own way.Seen doing.

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