Kusmunda police took action against illegal junk

 Action taken by Kusmunda police station in 02 different cases. 09 tonnes of scrap worth approximately Rs 1,80,000 was seized.

KORBA – In compliance with the instructions given by Superintendent of Police Korba Siddharth Tiwari regarding strict action against illegal junk happening in the area, on the guidance of Additional Superintendent of Police Abhishek Verma and City Superintendent of Police Robinson Guria (Cyber ​​Cell Korba), Police Station Incharge Kusmunda, under his Swift action was taken against the scrap dealers along with the employees.

In that episode, after getting information about illegal keeping of junk from the informer, Hamrah staff left to verify the information, who after finding huge amount of junk at 02 different places, accused 1. Dhanraj Anna, father Lalla Muttu, age 33 years, Sakin Pali Road police station Deepka. District Korba

And 2. Ajit Kumar Barai, father Kanna Barai, age 24 years, Motisagarpara Police Station Kotwali, District Korba, in the possession of a large quantity of iron door, tin, iron drum, iron pipe, aluminum wire, iron rod, tin sed, fencing wire, Bicycle and motorcycle parts and other small iron items and parts Jumla 09 tonnes worth Rs 1,80,000 have been seized by the police before the witness.Action is being taken under Section 41 (1-4) / 379 IPC and documents are being scrutinized in relation to the seized junk.

Inspector Manish Chandra Nagar, Rakesh Gupta, Head Constable 327 Jhaduram Sahu, Constable 507 Amar Diwakar, Constable 608 Vishnu Patle, Constable 604 Trilochan Sagar, Constable 486 Dheeraj Patel played a role in the above proceedings.

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