Superintendent of Police reached the city police station for surprise inspection and listened to the public’s complaint

KORBA – A few days are left in the month of December, hence the police has to settle the old pending cases and complaints as soon as possible, for this a special initiative has been taken by Korba District Superintendent of Police Jitendra Shukla.

Along with visiting different police stations and outpost areas of the district, old pending cases and complaints are being resolved by holding courts on the spot along with inspection of police stations and outposts.

In this series, Superintendent of Police Jitendra Shukla reached the Kotwali police station on a surprise inspection where he conducted a thorough inspection of the police station and after studying the complaints and old pending cases one by one in the police station, ordered the officers/employees to dispose of the cases as soon as possible. Has been released.

Along with this, he organized a court in the Kotwali police station premises and after listening to the complaints of the complainants, he started solving the problems on the spot, in which most of the cases were resolved on the spot.


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