Deepka, Katghora police take strict action against motorcycle thieves

16 numbers of motor cycles were recovered from the possession of the accused. Judicial remand was sent to the accused.

KORBA – In order to effectively control all types of illegal business in the district, Superintendent of Police Jitendra Shukla, Additional Superintendent of Police Abhishek Verma, City Superintendent of Police Darsh Robinson Gudiya and Sub-Divisional Officer Pankaj Thakur had directed all the police station/posts in-charge to take action in their respective areas. Orders were given for intensive patrolling in crowded areas, markets, temples and shops.

A team was formed under the leadership of Deepka police station in-charge Ashwani Rathore. Meanwhile, on 28.11.2023, during patrolling by Deepka police, two persons Durgesh Chauhan, father Pucham Lal Chauhan, age 20 years, Sakin village, Keshala police station, Hardibazar and a delinquent boy, were caught opening the motor cycle in a crowded area near Deepka Bazaar Hatri.

During initial enquiry, they were giving vague answers. On asking him strictly, he told that we had come here to steal a motorcycle.

On interrogation by the police, it was found that the accused had also visited Korba district along with their other associates Om Prakash Paikra, father Vishram Singh Paikra, age 23 years, Sakin Jamnimuda police station Pali and Mahesh Singh Kanwar, father Pratap Singh Kanwar, age 23 years, Sakin Amjhar police station Katghora. Together, theft of motorcycles was reported at other places in Korba district.Both his companions were caught by the police. During interrogation of the four accused, 10 motorcycles were recovered from their possession.

The motor cycles are as follows:-

01. Hero Splendor Plus, Engine Number HA11EDNHA43793

 02. Hero Splendor Plus, Engine Number HA11EVNHL54729

 03. Hero Splendor Plus, Engine Number HA11EDNHK05285

 04. Hero Splendor Plus, Engine No. HA11EVMHFA6910 Chassis No. MBLHAW116MHF31692

05. Hero Splendor Plus, Engine Number HA11EVLHKB1621

 06. Hero Splendor Plus, Engine Number HA11EDN4D01864

 07. Hero Splendor Plus, Engine No. HA11EDNHC55807, Chassis No. MBLHAW125MHC36303

08. Hero Splendor Plus, Engine No. HA11E8PGC18195 Chassis No. MBLHW234PGC15878

09. Hero Splendor Plus, Engine No. HA11EDNHH54793, Chassis No. MBLHAW127NHH20295

10. Hero Splendor, Engine No. HAIOAGHHFF0671 Chassis No. MBLHAR071HHF70574

11. Hero Splendor Plus, Engine No. HA11E7EHC4522 Chassis No. DLHAW222PHC05254


11 pieces of motor cycles worth approximately Rs 08 lakh were seized from the possession of the accused. The accused have been arrested today under crime number 262/2023, 325/2023, 310/2023, 405/2023, 236/2023, 245/2023 section 379 against the accused on the strong possibility of theft. In the remaining 41 (1-4) sections 379, action has been taken.

During the action by the Katghora police team under the leadership of Katghora police station in-charge Tej Kumar Yadav, the suspect Prakash Das Mahant was surrounded and caught from special sources, on interrogation, the applicant’s new blue colored Platina and white colored Activa CG 10AR 8140 Ruchi auto Katghora. steal from And the motor cycles stolen from the possession of the accused from different places in Katghora area, dark red color CD 100 SS CG 12 A 0301, CT 100 black color CG 12 BA – 0717, total 05 nos. motor cycle Jumla worth Rs 02 lakh were recovered. The police were captured. In the cases of both the police stations, the accused have been presented before the Honorable Court.

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