Proceedings of Civil Line Police Station Rampur, accused of stealing from Archaeological Museum arrested

The applicant CSEB Colony Korba East Quarter Number Super F 428 who has been working since 2008 as a guide in the District Archaeological Association Museum.

Had closed the museum on 23.06.2023 at 02.00 pm and went to his home. District Archaeological Association Museum reached Korba duty on 26.06.2023 at around 11.00 am due to two days holiday, then went inside and saw that the rope was hanging in the ceiling.
And the lock of the door was broken, the luggage was spread. So Kesh’s glass was broken out of which old used rusted 03 nos Bharmar gun, 01 nos country made katta, 01 nos revolver butt, 02 nos sword, 21 nos antique coins, silver and copper, 20 nos dalda coin ornaments , 01 nos empty cartridge, 01 nos thread basni (purse), 01 nos city wall hanger, 02 nos buckle, 02 nos arrow, 02 nos axe, 01 nos ax whose worth is around Rs 25000/- an unknown thief steals Has gone.
On the report of the applicant, crime number 279/2023 Section 380 Bhadvi has been established in Police Station Civil Line Rampur. During the investigation, the social background report of the delinquent child was prepared on 27.06.2023, seizure action was taken after taking the memorandum statement of the delinquent child.
The delinquent boy had told to steal along with the accused Khaleshwar Patre alias Balla Pata Sian Sadan. On the basis of informer’s information, the accused Khaleshwar Patre was taken into custody and on interrogation, after accepting the commission of the crime and taking the memorandum statement of the accused, 01 nos. of katta, 08 nos. coin were seized from the accused.

On having sufficient evidence against the accused, the accused was duly arrested at 11.30 am on 08.07.2023, stating the reason for the arrest.



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